Bacolod's Best Pizza

Greenoz Pizzaria

Greenoz is one of the best-tasting and affordable thin crust pizzas here in Bacolod City, compared to the other large-sized, thin crust pizzas, Greenoz pizzas have 2 times more toppings and additional add-ons. Greenoz pizza chains are serving gigantic pizzas. People in Bacolod want a good value for their money that is why giant pizza chains in Bacolod have thrived.

Greenoz Pizzaria takes great pride and care to provide its customers with the best food and dining experience in the restaurant business. It has 3 outlets in the city of Bacolod.

Greenoz Pizzaria has been performing well in delivering the best pizza all over Bacolod. It has gained many customers throughout Bacolod and has always been working on customer- retention. Greenoz Pizzaria originally started on March 2007. It was founded by Mr. Rommel Malazarte who is married to Jojo Malazarte with three sons. Greenoz consists a variety of products that they offer to the customers.

Besides pizza, they also have rice meals paired with sausages, Italian appetizer, Spaghetti, Fried Chicken and extra dishes. They have a wide variety of pizza toppings and have 4 kinds of order, (Regular, Family, XL, XXL) with different kinds of toppings, pasta, sausages.

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